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Doulè Hemp Bundle is our way to treat muscle fatigue, body aches, and arthritic pain naturally! This entire line is infused with Hemp Seed Oil, an oil derived from the Hemp plant. This is a natural, vegan, plant based way of relieving pain without harming other essential organs with toxin residue from over the counter pain management usage!! This is not the same as CBD oil, this is Hemp Seed Oil, meaning that it is made with the seeds oils and not the leaves, stems, and or body of the cannabis plant. Can be used as often as possible without the trace or remnants of the drug, due to 0% of any THC being in products used. Pain relief varies depending on the severity of the pain, but a typical application may only take 5-10 minutes to kick-in, and can last for hours (everyone experiences different effects depending on your severity of pain, remember pain is subjective)

Not for facial use; may cause a burning sensation when used on your face.


  • 4 oz Doulè Hemp Body Butter
  • 4 oz Doulè Hemp Savon Bar
  • 2 oz Doulè Hemp Body Stick (Soap Dish included with purchase)
Doulè Body Butter
Doulè Body Stick

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